RS Connect

RS Connect is the UK’s leading telematics systems integrator, connecting insurers and fleet companies through technology allowing them to track and monitor vehicle performance and driver behaviour. RS Connect has over 200 engineers across the UK and via its proprietary technology, connected to all the leading telematics service providers, installs over 40,000 devices a month for insurance and fleet customers. Since our investment in RS Connect, the business has trebled in size and acquired a significant competitor.

The use of telematics in vehicles is growing rapidly at over 30% per annum. This growth is being driven by the increasing adoption of telematics by both the fleet and insurance markets as telematics allows them access to real-time data on driver behaviour.

RS Connect
Telematics systems integrator
Year of investment: 2015

“RS Connect is at the centre of a growing market that provides real benefits for insurance companies and their customers from the use of telematics technology. Bringing a private equity investor on board that is experienced, who understands the business and fits culturally is a big step for me and the company and I genuinely look forward to building RS Connect’s capability and customer proposition with Beech Tree.”
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