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An Investor’s View: New Entrants Disrupting UK Financing Market

There is a growing trend afoot to revolutionise banking and investing by using technology to simplify the links between those who want to lend money and those who need it.

Technology is disrupting this sector like it has done to so many others including advertising your home (Rightmove…

Wavenet Acquires APR Telecoms Limited

Following the successful purchase of Swains and Talk Internet in 2017, Wavenet today announces the acquisition of APR Telecoms, a Norfolk based provider of business communication solutions including Telephony, Data, VoIP and Cloud.

APR Telecoms has been a long-standing partner of Wavenet, after years of successful growth and as their primary…

An Investor’s View: UK manufacturing provides 2018 growth opportunities

Private Equity has, by and large, shifted its focus away from investing in manufacturing businesses to investing in service and technology-led businesses, particularly over the past 5 years. This is evident in all the industry statistics, and is a long way from the days of heavy investment in the automotive…

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