How we help

We invest in fast-growing businesses that need expertise and capital to reach their full potential

Strategic direction at board level

We have years of experience in working with teams to focus on what matters in growing their business. We start with a simple question – what do we all want the business to look like in 5 years time? From there we build a plan with the management team to make this happen. We help management stay focused on what the important levers are to reaching these objectives. We keep the inevitable distractions out of the board room in order to maintain focus.

Investment in the infrastructure

Whether in people, technology or sales infrastructure, at home or internationally; we know how to make the level of investment required to really accelerate growth. This often involves us investing quite heavily in the first year of ownership in getting the platform right and robust before we look to scale the business to accelerate growth in future years.

Transforming from owner-managed to private equity-backed business

The vast majority of our investments have involved successfully working with owner-managers that historically would have run their business in a certain way. But they knew that for their businesses to reach their true potential and capture the growth opportunities available to them they would have to change how they operated, needing a catalyst to do that.

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