Fluent Money

Fluent money is the UK’s largest online secured loans broker. The award-winning business was founded in 2008 in the middle of the last recession and from inception created an internet based business model to disrupt the lending market. Fluent will continue to invest in its platform, launching new products across various lending verticals including a mortgage and equity release offering.

The second charge secured lending market is worth in excess of £1bn per annum and has been experiencing significant growth, largely driven by regulatory changes. The wider mortgage market, the largest lending market in the UK, is worth £1.1 trillion representing 11.1million mortgages. The equity release market is currently worth £2bn and is growing rapidly, driven by the need for pensioners to fund their retirement.

Fluent Money
Online lending platform
Year of investment: 2016

“We are on an exciting trajectory to significantly grow our business, our business model has disrupted the market we operate in and we are capitalising on that growth using our proprietary technology to give increasing numbers of consumers the best advice around their lending needs. By working with Beech Tree and using their industry knowledge and connections we have already started to further strengthen our core business and bring additional product lines into our portfolio"
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