Environmental, Social and Governance

At Beech Tree, we believe that actively promoting ESG is consistent with achieving market leading private equity returns and just as importantly is the right thing to do. ESG management is no different to any other aspect of business performance and the appropriate management of resources and people makes sound business sense.
We are committed to working with our portfolio companies to ensure ESG considerations are incorporated into business as usual practices and we seek to lead by example where we can.
Detailed in the next box are the key ESG pillars we are focused on achieving.
  • People, we believe that investing in and developing employees is the right thing to do and ensures a happy and productive workforce:

    1. We support the Living Wage in the UK
    2. We are not in favour of zero hour contracts, unless employees specifically state that they prefer them
    3. We sponsor apprenticeship schemes and technical qualifications and invest heavily in training our own employees and promoting from within whenever possible and appropriate to do so
  • Environment, minimising and managing environmental impact of our companies

  • Communities, making a positive contribution to the communities in which we operate

  • Ethical Standards, operating to the highest ethical standards

  • Corporate Governance, operating to the highest standards of corporate governance

  • Reporting and Engagement, reporting performance and engaging with key stakeholders

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